Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mint Chocolate Polka Dot Cookies

After our meal of chicken paprikash with spätzle and german red cabbage, of course there had to be dessert.  I figured that cookies would be easy because I could make them ahead of time, refrigerate the dough, and then bake them when we were done eating.

I'll start by saying this is possibly the strangest "cookie dough" I've ever made.  I finished all of the steps prior to refrigeration and re-read all of the ingredients and instructions about 5 times to make sure I didn't mess anything up.  It does not come together like a dough at all - it looks much more like a brownie batter.  

After refrigeration (I refrigerated about 3 hours until we were done with dinner), it was still more like a batter but it was hard enough to make cookie drops.  I baked on a silpat and I'm VERY glad I did because these cookies are really sticky.  I definitely recommend using a silpat or parchment paper.

They did however (magically) become cookies.  I think I undercooked them a little bit, but that might have made them taste even better.  They are a brownie-style cookie, and I loved these mint chips.  I am a huge mint junkie and these tasted like the inside of an Andes mint - cool and refreshing!  Surrounded by the warm chocolatey cookie, they were a perfect contrast.  Although the recipe was a bit unusual, the end product was totally worth it!

Mint Chocolate Polka Dot Cookies
from the back of the Guittard Mint Chip package


2 cups (12 oz) semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used Nestle)
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cups unsifted all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/8 tsp salt
3 large eggs
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 cups (12 oz) Guittard Green Mint Chips

In top of double boiler over low heat, melt semi-sweet chips and butter, stirring constantly until smooth. Set aside to cool. In a small bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.
In a large bowl, beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla until light. Blend in melted chocolate, then dry ingredients. Stir in green mint chips and chill for 10-15 minutes or until stiff. 
Preheat oven to 350F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat. Drop chilled dough by well-round teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets.
Bake 8-10 minutes, cookies will be soft in centers but will harden as they cool.

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Karen Liffmann said...

OMG AMAZING!!!! Mouth watering. !!!