Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Home

I really try to stick to food blogging here, but I feel like I'd be doing a great disservice to my hometown to not say something today.

I grew up every year spending Patriot's Day with my dad and brother, watching the Boston Marathon.  Coming into this week and all through the morning yesterday, I was so disappointed that I couldn't be home for one of my favorite traditions for yet another year.  And then I heard about the tragedy.

To be honest, I really have no words.  My emotions are raw.

I'm angry.  That's my city.  It's my home.  It makes me feel violated and wrong.  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  It's a special city that I am so proud to be from and I am pissed.

I'm sad.  I'm so very sad for the people affected by this tragedy.  I am so grateful to everyone who called, emailed, texted, and Facebooked to reached out to me to make sure my family and friends are safe.  My heart is where it always truly is - in Boston.

Tomorrow, I'll post the recipe and blog post I wrote up last week.  I hope it can comfort you the only way I know how - with food.

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Carole said...

I may be on the other side of the world but we are all affected by the events at the Boston Marathon - so random, so horrible. Thinking of all my friends in the US today.