Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa (and Rudolph) Ornaments


Even though I'm Jewish, I can't help but love Christmas.  We have my menorah set up (I have a gorgeous one that my mom's friend gave me) but I've also done a lot of Christmas decorating.  Since the Monkey Scientist's family celebrates both Christmas and Chanukkah, this year he gave me the perfect excuse to get my first Christmas tree ever.  It's a tinsel tree - so it's not exactly traditional - but I'm loving it nonetheless.

Santa ornaments

I bought most of my ornaments at Crate and Barrel and Target, but I had to make a few of my own!  When I found these cute little Santas on Floral Blossom (via Home and Garden) I knew I found this year's craft.  All of the instructions to make these yourself can be found right here.

Santa ornaments

I started out by following the instructions exactly - using my hot glue gun to stick on all the pieces besides the base.  But then I tried to actually sew on all the pieces to each side and then sew it all together and I liked how that came out a lot more. Plus it was pretty relaxing to sit and sew while we watching Sunday football.

rudolph ornament

In fact, I was having so much fun that I decided to make a little Rudolph, even though I hadn't actually bought the fabric for the Rudolph pattern. I think I did pretty well with what I had!  I think the Monkey Scientist liked my homemade ornaments too. He suggested that this be the start of a tradition, so I wrote 2012 on the back of these in hopes that they'll be the first of many!

But don't worry that Christmas has totally taken over.  We've still been lighting the menorah every night!


No matter which holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season filled with love!

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