About Me

Hi, I'm Dani! Welcome to yelleBELLYboo!

Why yelleBELLYboo?  Well, when I was a tot, my nickname was Yelle (short for Danielle, err Danielle-y), which progressed into Yellebellyboo.  And, given the food theme I've got going here, I thought the belly fit right in.

I started this blog while living down in the District (of Columbia), but after meeting my hsuband, I followed him up to Chicago so he could attend Medical School and now Residency.  I'm a born and raised New England girl and Michigan alum (GO BLUE!), so I'm no stranger to the cold weather up here.  I learned to cook from my mom - who can throw together an incredible dinner for 20 people in no time - and from experimenting with my friends. I think the massive amount of Food Network I watched in college helped a bit as well.

I generally love food, and I'm sure you'll notice that there are some ingredients that just tickle my fancy (hello maple, you deserve a shout-out!).  I hope that my recipes give you the courage to get into the kitchen and try something new! Both in DC and Chicago my kitchen has been itty-bitty, and I want others dealing with apartment living to feel like they can host amazing dinners as well. Nothing is healthier or more delicious than a homemade meal - plus the ability to cook is a great way to make friends (and win over a great guy)!

I also blog about my yoga adventures on tumblr at strangeplaceforyoga.